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Hard cider has been in the alcohol industry for a long time; however, recently cider has gained popularity as a substitute for beer. For this reason, everyone has the following questions on their minds “What is cider?” and “What are the differences between cider and beer?”

What is a Hard Cider?

Hard apple cider is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice (usually gluten-free).

Hard Cider vs Apple Cider

Cider is very similar to apple juice, only spicier. Apple juice is filtered and pasteurized, but apple juice is not. Hard cider includes cider that goes through a fermentation process that causes alcohol production in cider.

What is the Difference Between Beer & Cider?

Beer lovers know that…

Whether we are making full-grain malt beer or kit beer at home, we often encounter these 5 basic mistakes made by beginners and even experienced brewers.

What are these errors?

Fermentation temperature control

By far the most common mistake among all other mistakes and the one that affects quality the most.

Without temperature control, beers are generally fermented at a higher temperature than they should be. Hot fermenting has worse results than cold-fermenting. Cooling is unfortunately seen by many as a detail used only when lagering. Actually, this is the most important and least emphasized part of the work. Moreover, many sources, books…

Excessive alcohol consumption is risky behavior that can lead not only to dangerous situations such as blackouts but also to long-term health problems. If you have ever had an alcohol-induced blackout, it may be easy to ignore it by saying it’s an ordinary part of the drinking culture, or if it’s not something that happens constantly, it may seem like nothing major. However, this risky behavior of binge drinking and excessive alcohol consumption, regardless of how often it happens, can lead not only to dangerous situations but also to long-term health problems.

The Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) found that…

To completely like each of the beer has to bring to the table here and there you have to do somewhat more than simply drink it. We will go over the five stages you should take full advantage of your beer.

First things to do before tasting beer;

The last thing before you taste a beer, you have to know beer styles differences exactly. Otherwise, it is very difficult for you to judge beer to be right.


Firstly you should take a look at the beer’s color. The tones will reveal to you a great deal about the flavor and…

Local breweries, like other small businesses, need more support than ever before in the pandemic. At this time, there are many ways you can both support your community and support brewers to keep their business.

Buy beer from local breweries

This is very clear, but we have to say; drink local beer. The most basic requirement for local brewers to continue is to sell their beer. You can always buy beer from macro breweries, but there is a risk that local breweries may lose both their unique and high-quality beer businesses and their employees during this period.

Purchase some merch

You still need clothing to wear at home…

When beer lovers visit a country, the first activity they want to do is to visit the brewery. With the effect of the pandemic, it is obvious that we cannot travel like in the old days. It seems that these visits cannot be made for a while. For this reason, breweries started to provide virtual tour opportunity. Now you can visit anywhere without leaving home!

Big Sky Brewing Co.

Montana, United States

Big Sky Brewing Company was started by Neal Leathers, Bjorn Nabozney, and Brad Robinson. …

“I’ll never drink again!” is a common sentence that spills from the mouths of many who wake up after a night of drinking, feel like a sledgehammer pounding on your head and a stomach-churning like shoes forgotten in a washing machine. Alcohol is a ; in other words, it causes fluid to be extracted from the body. It is the resulting dehydration that causes the worst hangover symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no magic stick cure for hangovers, but there are methods you can use to treat these symptoms until they resolve.

Drink water

To get a hangover, you need to overcome the…

First things first, drinking out of a glass is the most ideal approach to drink a beer. There are numerous reasons you’d need to drink your beer out of a glass, similar to how it improves the flavor and aromas.

Due to the structure of the bottle, we also drink the air in the empty part of the bottle at the time of drinking, this creates extra bloating. …

Does Beer Go Bad?

You’ve probably seen an expiration date on all beer bottles. Beer bottles and cans have expiration dates today, which means the beer can technically go bad and lose its flavor. But beer doesn’t go bad exactly like anything else in the fridge. Instead, the quality of the beer in terms of flavor and body declines over time. Check the expiration date if you find that the beer has lost its acidity/carbonation or no longer has a fresh and delicious taste.

But don’t worry, even if you don’t like the taste of an out-of-date beer, it’s generally not harmful.

If you…

The share of non-alcoholic beer in the industry has been growing at an unexpected rate in recent years. Will it be such a popular drink that people did not like it very much until recently? Is it different from the alcoholic beer we know? What are the reasons for the industry to grow so much? Let’s look at the answers to these questions in detail.

How Do We Define Non-Alcoholic and Low-Alcohol Beers?

The definition of non-alcoholic beer can differ from country to country. While the accepted threshold in the European Union and the USA is 0.5%, for example, a stricter limit has been drawn in the UK…


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